Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A copy-editor is someone who edits “copy,” which means a piece of writing in either written or typed format. Copy-editing involves identifying errors in the author’s submission – which can range from spelling and grammatical errors, to factual errors and inconsistencies in style and presentation – and correcting them. Copy-editing often involves close collaboration with the author to ensure that any major changes that are necessitated are approved by the author on an ongoing basis.

A proofreader corrects a proof of the book or article, which has already been copy-edited and then compiled by the typesetter. The proofreader checks that the copy-editor hasn’t missed or made any errors when checking the manuscript, and also that the typesetter hasn’t slipped up while compiling the proof.

A transcriber’s role is to type up the exact content of an audio recording, most often interviews or speeches.

1. You send an e-mail which gives an outline of your requirements and attach an extract of your project.

2. I send you a quote for the potential project and a timescale. This may also include a small sample edit (approx. 400 words) if requested/applicable.

3. An agreement is reached concerning the fee and timescale and you receive an invoice and payment details.

4. An upfront payment of half the fee might be requested depending on the circumstances.

5. The project is cleared and I go to work.

6. When the project is completed, I send you the file and you check it over to confirm your satisfaction.

7. You send the agreed payment and I continue to be available for further queries.

Files should be submitted to and use the following format for file submission: filename_initial_surname.doc

Please provide the following information in your e-mail:

Full Name; full address; topic of document; word count; desired completion date; and any specific instructions.

I work with clients outside the UK, particularly those who wish to publish in English language journals. Payment by clients outside the UK is made via PayPal.


  • By using, the user agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions set forth by Cathel Hutchison Editing. If the user objects to any of the conditions set forth, the client is advised to discontinue use of the website.
  • The client maintains full ownership and copyright of the submitted material.
  • Should any disputes arise between client and Cathel Hutchison Editing, best effort shall be made to resolve the situation in a mutually amicable fashion.
  • If the client is entirely dissatisfied with the service provided, the client is required to submit a message detailing the reasons for their dissatisfaction within a week of the return of their edited manuscript by Cathel Hutchison Editing will give full consideration to the clients reasons and either (i) Re-do the work at no extra charge or(ii) conclude the work as has been completed to a satisfactory standard.
  • In certain verifiable circumstances, Cathel Hutchison Editing will provide a refund. However, the client will not have authorization to make use of the edited version of the text.
  • Cathel Hutchison Editing will not be held responsible for errors or missing content in situations where the client did not provide clear and specific requirements.
  • Cathel Hutchison Editing reserves the right to terminate a contract at any time, and the client can request an explanation for the action.
  • Cathel Hutchison Editing takes no responsibility for the content of the client’s submissions or communications. Neither will it endorse the content of the client’s submissions or communications.
  • Cathel Hutchison Editing reserves the right to make amendments, update, and modify the contents of these Terms & Conditions without giving notice.
  • The Terms & Conditions set forth here provide an agreement made between the parties which supersedes oral and written agreements or understandings otherwise made.

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